Startdate for sessions in FreeRadius with MySql?

Bladan2000 johan.bladh at
Wed Oct 8 22:49:17 CEST 2008


We're using FreeRadius 1.1.7 along with MySql on an Ubuntu server. We have a
web application to create users for FreeRadius and administrators can set
the expire date for when a session should expire. This is achieved with the
"Expiration" attribute in the table called RadCheck in the MySql database.
However, a customer would like to be able to also set a "start"-date for
when the session should become valid i.e. if I set 2008-10-06 it won't be
possible to log in before that date.

I haven't found a way to do this in FreeRadius. Does anyone have a solution
for this? I thought that it might exist an attribute for "Start" as well
when there is one for "Expire" but I haven't found any. The only solution I
can come up with is some kind of own customized que handling for this
altough I would prefer a simple attribute.

Any thoughts?

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