help:when freeradius is used on 32-bit redhat linux

Peter Nixon listuser at
Thu Oct 30 14:04:09 CET 2008

On Tue 28 Oct 2008, yiyongyun wrote:
> Dear everyone:
>     I want to fix freeradius on 32-bit redhat linux, but I do not know the
> memory(8g)on 32-bit redhat linux is enough for freeradius; 

You will have to work VERY hard to make FreeRADIUS use 8Gb of ram!!!!

> If not enough, 
> then I'll fix it on 64-bit redhat linux, but this time the source of
> freeradius is needed to modify?

You can download the source code from the website anytime you wish, however 
FreeRADIUS has been working on 64bit CPUs for about 10 years..


Peter Nixon

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