Questions about source code

Hao Wang wanghau.ms89 at
Mon Sep 22 06:05:20 CEST 2008

Dear Freeradius developers:
I am now doing research using Freeradius Server and I have to add some
functions based on the source code. I have several questions and need your
1. In which variable (and in which file) in the source code is the session
key (or TEK) stored after successful authentication? I have to use it. In
the src/modules/rlm_eap/libeap/eapcrypto.c file, eapsim_calculate_keys()
produces 4 other keys after ek->master_key is calculated. Is one of them
used as the session key? And where is the session key if PAP authentication
is used?
2. What symmetric-key encryption/decryption algorithm (like AES, Twofish, or
others) is used? And where is it in the source code?
3. If I want to generate a key from a random integer, is it proper to use

Thanks for your help.
Regards, Hao Wang
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