Questions about source code

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Sep 22 19:31:17 CEST 2008

Hao Wang wrote:
> By TEK I meant traffic encryption key, which is used to encrypt the
> message transfered.

  Which message?  The RADIUS packet?  If so, the common term is not
"TEK", but "shared secret".

  Please don't invent phrases or acronyms to describe things.  It wastes
everyone's time.

>  And which session key are you referring to?
> I meant the key used to encrypt the messages transfered between the
> authentication server and the client.

  Do you mean supplicant?  i.e. PC running Windows?  It's not normally
called "client".

> However, all I need is just anything that was created "after" a
> successful authentication in both the client and the authentication
> server side, not necessarily the session key. I simply need to use
> something agreed by both sides.

  Something... for what?

> A specification is what I seek for. Where can I find it? The Wiki and
> the comment in the source code are not detailed enough for me. I am not
> able to find the answer of my questions above in both of them.

  Specification to do... what?

  Perhaps part of the reason why you can't find specifications is you're
using the wrong words to describe things.

  Please go read a few 802.1X "howtos" or guides to learn how it works,
and what the common terminology is.

  Alan DeKok.

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