Building FreeRADIUS on Debian and the RTDL_GLOBAL issue.

Chris Moules chris at
Wed Sep 24 17:32:38 CEST 2008

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the quick answer.

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Chris Moules wrote:
>> I have been reading lots into this, and related libltdl issues on
>> Debian, and trying to solve this myself. The problem is that I
>> am not a great developer / debugger, just a Sys Admin.
>   ?  The Debian package on already has these issues fixed.
The 'stable' FR release is still 1.1.3 (too old). The 'testing' release is 2.0.4.
I downloaded the 2.1 tarball from the FR site and saw it had a 'debian' directory in there and so did not try to backport the
2.0.4 release from lenny/testing. If there are other patches in this that fix these issues, sorry I missed them.

>> I was reading through the thread "RTLD_GLOBAL and sql_ippool" from the
>> list. I understand the issues at hand and that there is
>> no 'current' solution to this issue.
>   2.1.1 (out real soon now) should allow rlm_sqlippool to use rlm_sql
> without any RTLD_GLOBAl hacks.  i.e. just build it, and it will run.
>   Alan DeKok.

OK sounds great! I need this for an upcoming project so it is not really pressing. This will be our first play with a FreeRADIUS
2.x branch on a live system (Luxembourgish Telco). The last time I looked at FR2 was just around the release time. With the
similar 'issues' that I was having then I just went back to FR1.1.7 to get things working.

Thanks again, too all you FR Devs!


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