Add radius server hostname to tickets

Stephan Jaeger stephan.jaeger at
Thu Apr 9 11:35:47 CEST 2009

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Stephan Jaeger wrote:
>> I now update the requests with unlang and add an attribute with
>> %{Server-Hostname} as value.
>   Why not just statically configure the hostname in radiusd.conf?
> ...
> 	server_hostname = ""
> ...
>   And then update the code at run time, with:
> 	Server-Hostname = "%{config:server_hostname}"
Yes that would be a possibility too. I just found the other way easier. 
I have the configuration in svn and i would need to include another file 
than e.g. "hostname.conf" so the main configuration does not differ on 
every host. I already do this for the db configuration where i have a 
dev.conf, prod.conf, staging.conf and a symlink (local.conf ) to one of 
these which is included from the main config file. So I thought this 
might be useful for someone else too.



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