Cisco WLC does not respect the Expiration of a user on Radius server.

Matthew Carriere matthew at
Thu Apr 30 20:30:43 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,

I have a CISCO WLC that is configured to use a FreeRadius server as  
the authentication point.

Everything is working except the Expiration.

I set an Expiration value programatically from a Ruby script by  
entering a record into the radcheck table:

UserName | Matthew
Attribute | Expiration
op | :=
Value | April 29 2009 02:14:48

Here's the scenario,

before the expiration date the user authenticates to the Radius server  
and then is able to use the Wireless (Cisco WLC). However, when the  
expiration time passes, the user can no longer authenticate to the  
radius server (which is correct), but they are still connected to the  

Does anyone have some experience with this scenario to offer some  
suggestions to help troubleshoot?


Matthew Carriere

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