Seg fault

Gabriel Blanchard gabe at
Sun Aug 16 04:41:14 CEST 2009

Something was committed recently that's causing it to seg fault.

Aug 15 21:41:42 rad03 radiusd[62455]: Received conflicting packet from  
client ERXes port 50000 - ID: 98 due to unfinished request 390.   
Giving up on old request.
Aug 15 21:41:42 rad03 radiusd[62455]: ASSERT FAILED event.c[2730]:  
request->ev != NULL
Aug 15 21:41:42 rad03 kernel: pid 62455 (radiusd), uid 133: exited on  
signal 6

I'll have to dig up a bit deeper to find the cause, but this  
definitely doesn't happen with a stable snapshot from a few days ago.

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