How to improve Radius Performance

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I am testing PAP authentication.
 I am following the performance-testing document but achieving not more than 125 auths/sec for 1000users.

Any extra configuration to be done to get 50k auths/sec?

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Tejesh Vijayakumar wrote:
> I want to achieve around 5000 auths/sec with FreeRadius version 2.1.7.
> Currently I am able to achieve only 125 auths/sec with a PentiumIV 3Ghz
> single core 512 mb RAM machine. I am using just the users file with two
> users.

  You have *not* said what authentication method you are using.

> Can I improve radius performance using same machine or
> What is the preferable system configuration to achieve 5000 auths/sec?

  For PAP, the server can do 50K auth/s in a normal configuration.

  Alan DeKok.
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