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Kostas Kalevras kkalev at
Tue Feb 3 10:55:57 CET 2009

O/H Sourav Chakraborty έγραψε:
> Hello,
> I have configured FreeRadius server with MySQL.I bombarded the server 
> with Radius Accounting START and STOP msgs randomly with 178461 msgs 
> in 1 minute(~3000 msgs/sec).I got response back of 23658 msgs.I have 
> noted the UDP msg stats using (netstat -s).They are as below--
> 67137 packets received
> 0 packets to unknown port received
> 111680 packet receive errors
> 23710 packets sent
> Note that the initial counts were all 0.
> From the stats it seems that --
> packets received + packet receive errors = ~msgs sent
> packets sent = ~response msgs received
> N.B:- the small anomalies in the counts may be due to unprocessed msgs 
> in the socket buffers.
> In other words though the msg sending rate was ~3000 msgs/sec,the msg 
> processing rate was ~400 msgs/sec.
> Can you comment on this?We need to process over 3000 msgs/sec.So is 
> FreeRadius with MySQL a right choice?Please suggest.
> Thanks and Regards
> Sourav
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You haven't said anything about the server hardware or about 
freeradius/mysql configuration. How is the disk behaving with 3000 
writes/sec? There are numerous configuration/processing choises that can 
make a big difference in the server throughput, especially in the case 
of accounting (where you are performing writes and not reads). And as 
Alan pointed out, 3000 messages/second are way too much. This kind of 
burst can only happen if you simultaneously reboot a few LNS with 
thousands of ADSL users and wait for them to all come online in the same 

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