Debian build fails with current GIT

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Feb 19 15:55:31 CET 2009

Chris Moules wrote:
> On Friday I started to look at building a Debian package for deployment
> on a amd64 server. I had been building some development packages on a
> i686 system up till now. As the git tree has some patches that I need, I
> grabbed the latest tree.
> I am having an issue trying to build a Debian package. It looks like
> some other changes since the 2.1.3 release have broken a few parts for
> the (Debian) build system.

  The debian packages rename the server from "radiusd" to "freeradius".
 In an effort to simplify the configuration, and remove extra patches,
we've added a "name=radiusd" configuration entry.  That name is now used
(almost) everywhere, in preference to hard-coded "radiusd".

  The patch you supplied changes "${name}.pid" to "".
Instead, it should change the "name=radiusd" to "name=freeradius" line.

  There are a number of other references to ${name}, so changing that
one reference will fix all of the others.

  Alan DeKok.

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