freeradius FreeTDS/sybase

Peter Nixon listuser at
Wed Jan 14 17:36:42 CET 2009

On Wed 14 Jan 2009, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Gabriel Blanchard wrote:
> > Reading through the freeradius archive I realize that FreeTDS support
> > has been "abandoned". But I'm at the point where I need this support
> > for MSSQL connectivity and ready to spend the time coding the
> > necessary modules to support it. Would it be safe to simply use the
> > Sybase library and go from there? What is currently missing from
> > FreeTDS for it to be stable with Freeradius?
>   Use the sybase plugin.  The freetds plugin never worked, and was
> removed at the request of the freetds developers.

Alternativly use ODBC together with the FreeTDS ODBC driver..



Peter Nixon

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