Nas-Ip-Address attribute and source IP address of UDP datagram.

Dmitry V. Krivenok krivenok at
Thu Jan 22 16:28:28 CET 2009


I deal with bad "hand-made" NAS, which doesn't include "Nas-Ip-Address" 
attribute into the packet.
So I can't distinguish packets from different NAS'es.

Is there a way to add this attribute (with value of source address of 
UDP datagram) using standard FreeRadius facilities?
We don't use proxies, so this solution seems to be correct.

I'm writing my own rlm and I can implement desired functionality if 
there is no one in FreeRadius.
The problem lies in that I can't find the address of client in REQUEST 
(i.e.  auth_req) structure.

Comments in "site-enabled/default" say that preprocess module should add 
"Client-IP-Address" attribute.
I printed request->packet->vps, but did't find this attribute in the list.

Is source IP address reachable via REQUEST structure passed to authorize 

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