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Thu Jan 22 16:43:49 CET 2009

--On Thursday, January 22, 2009 04:17:09 PM +0100 Alan DeKok 
<aland at deployingradius.com> wrote:

> Tim.W wrote:
>> I'm trying to edit the values in RAD_REQUEST_PROXY_REPLY with perl.
>> I've started with the example.pl file, and I'm able to list the first
>> different attributes but I'm not sure how to list all the values, and
>> how to change them.
>   This is a Perl question: How do you update values in hashes, and in
> lists?

Not entirely.  I read two non-Perl problems into this question...

(1) At least in the version I looked at, the comments in example.pl are
    really not clear that the *_REPLY hashes are pre-populated with the
    existing reply attributes and that these can be changed; it really
    reads like the hash starts out empty and can only be used to add
    attributes not already in the reply.

(2) The OP seems to be under the impression that a single attribute
    can simultaneously have more than one value, which I didn't think
    was the case.  If they can, then the question becomes, how, exactly,
    are multi-valued attributes presented to the perl script?

-- Jeff

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