Framed-IP-Address - Framed-Route filter

Gabriel Blanchard gabe at
Tue Jul 21 21:59:41 CEST 2009

I'm fairly sure this functionality currently doesn't exist so I'll  
ask. I checked the code already for rlm_attribute_filter and it  
definitely doesn't do it.

I'm trying to setup radius so that I can filter proxy responses with  
subnets that don't belong to them, right now the module only appears  
to support direct matches. I can't specify something like "anything  
within this /24 is allowed".

It would probably be easier to simply code a module but that would  
mean repeating configuration regarding realms so it would probably  
make more sense if it would be part of proxy.conf.

I'm thinking a configuration like below would make sense.

filter filter1 {
	subnet ""

filter filter1 {
	subnet ""

filter_list filter_foo {
	filter filter1
	filter filter2

realm {
	pool = foo
	filter_list = filter_foo

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