Module for FreeRADIUS wirtten in C++

krzychk2 krzychk2 at
Tue Jul 21 22:05:24 CEST 2009

Dnia 2009-07-21, wto o godzinie 20:09 +0200, wlanmac pisze:
> You might consider trying JRadius to do your FreeRADIUS module in Java. 
> Otherwise, I think you're looking for "extern C" blocks around your C
> headers in C++ files. 
Thanks for the advice with JRadius. Yes, I have considered that. If
there will be dramatic functionality change, and we will have some
monitoring data of generating latency and load, then I can make some
estimates, and take a decision - do it in Java or stay in C++.

For now as a start, I have choose the language witch I know, and I know
it can produce a fast code. It is quite obvious that, in object thinking
way, Java and C++ are very similar languages. So implementing the same
algorithms will save the same logic, data flows and class consistency.
It will not be as dramatic change as implementing C code in object way
C++ or Java. 

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