Bad advices in the documantation of rlm_ldap

Németh Tamás nice at
Tue Jun 9 08:53:22 CEST 2009

Sorry for sending anothe bugreport, but I found the following in the 
documentation of rlm_ldap (/usr/share/doc/packages/freeradius-server-
doc/rlm_ldap for me):

NOTE: As LDAP is case insensitive, you should probably also set "lower_user =
yes" and "lower_time = before" in main section of radiusd.conf, to get limits
on simultaneous logins working correctly. Otherwise, users will be able get
large number of sessions, capitalizing parts of their login names.

However, these options (e.g. lower_user) don't seem to exist in freeradius 
2.x.x. You should replace this section with a description of how to emulate 
this behaviour with unlang.


Németh Tamás

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