Seg-fault with proxy and fail-overs

Chris Moules chris at
Thu Mar 5 17:00:32 CET 2009

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Chris Moules wrote:
>> it looks like this is not 100% resolved. I installed a patched version
>> on FreeRADIUS stable:
>   That's a *different* problem.

OK, This will be the one that I got the libc warning about when I did a kill -TERM to radiusd when I pointed it at a 
non-existing file when attempting to get a core dump.

>   It's nice that one bug hides behind another one.

Yes, this deployment was a little unnerving... It is always nice when you find that the tests run fine but after X thousand 
requests the thing bombs.

>   I've pushed a new fix to

Applied. Again I patched the 'stable' branch with this and the previous patch.
I have this now running in testing. I am trying to proxy the content of the smaller proxy log (6.2MB - 7137 requests) to the 
remote server. So far so good. The other system has had a number of pauses and I think I have seen a couple of time-outs and 

I don't think that I will try to proxy the rest of the data (~ 900MB of packets in the meantime), it is not that important to 
them. All the accounting data is also in the local DB.

>   Alan DeKok.
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Thanks again Alan!


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