Does freeradius-client library support CHAP protocol?

Tarkshya tarkshya at
Tue Mar 17 22:08:50 CET 2009

>  If you want a *detailed* explanation as to why, please ensure that you
> understand how the basic protocol works, first.  There's no point in
> giving a technical explanation if you're unfamiliar with the background
> information.
>  Don't use CHAP.  It's useless.
>  You can believe that, or you can spend days (weeks) reading about the
> protocol, the encryption methods, and the common use cases.  After all
> that effort, you will conclude that CHAP is nearly useless.
>  Alan DeKok

OK. I believe you, and just accept that CHAP is useless.

Since you have clarified that my dubious analysis of the protocols was
indeed all wrong, can you at least point me to some good links on the
web that explains the difference between these two protocols in the
context of radius authentication.

If you have time, that is.


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