SV: Freeradius PAM module compilation error

Robert Svensson Robert.Svensson at
Wed Mar 18 12:03:19 CET 2009

What do you mean?
I have PAM installed and running using the PAM radius module. I just need to recompile the radius PAM module to incorporate a few customized error messages regarding access-challenges. That's all.

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Ämne: Re: Freeradius PAM module compilation error

Robert Svensson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to compile the PAM module without any greater luck.
> Make gives me:
> ld -Bshareable pam_radius_auth.o md5.o -lapm -o
> ld: cannot find -lpam
> make: *** [] Error 1
> I cound really use some help on this one.

  You will need to install PAM on yor system.  The module is a plugin between PAM and RADIUS.  It doesn't implement PAM.

  Alan DeKok.
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