gigawords and bandwith

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Mar 18 13:14:28 CET 2009

Lars wrote:
> i'm new here and i need your help in the following 2 points.

  General questions belong on the freeradius-users list, not the
developers list.

> Point 1) After I recognized that the accounting data
> (acct-input/output-octet) will set to zero if the user downloaded more than
> 4 GB I added to sql.conf and to table radacct the parameter
> acct-input/output-gigawords. But It won't be filled with data, it's always
> zero.

  See the FAQ.  If the server isn't logging accounting data, it's
because the NAS isn't sending it.

> Point 2) I have to limit the user's bandwith so I think about a simple
> possibility to do that. The best way imho would be a entry in "radreplay"
> for this user. I added there e.g. framed-ip-address.
> Is it possible? And if yes: How?

  Huh?  Adding Framed-IP-Address won't limit bandwidth.

  See the NAS documentation (pppoe) for instructions on using RADIUS to
limit bandwidth.  If it's not documented, it's not possible.

  Alan DeKok.

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