freeRadius PAM -- handling reply attributes

krishna Mohan bskmohan at
Tue Mar 31 07:11:43 CEST 2009

krishna Mohan wrote:> I wrote my PAM module (to authenticate a user against Sun AM) for> freeRadius and that part is working fine. Now, the PAM module will> receive few response attributes from the authenticating application for> each user, for whom the authentication is success.> > How to receive this kind of application specific attributes and how to> insert them in Radius-Accept packet? This is an urgent requirement for me.>  The server has an API for creating attributes.  Use that.>> Alan DeKok.Where is the API available? Pls provide any resource/link?I receive an xml with authorization information from the authenticating app in response to a successful authentication.My PAM module should read that xml and get the required authorization information and pass it in ACCESS-ACCEPT.Thanks in advance.Sri
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