EAP-AKA support for Freeradius-1.1.4

Kumar, Sunil Sunil.Kumar at safenet-inc.com
Mon May 11 09:11:26 CEST 2009



Finally, I have created a patch for FreeRadius to support EAP-AKA
implementation. Please find the attached patch
(freeradius-1.1.4_eap_aka_support.diff) in the rar file for
freeradius-1.1.4 version release. I hope with small effort that can also
be applied on the latest version releases as well.


Apart from adding EAP-AKA support changes in patch, I have also added
some fixes for EAP-Aka to handle variable RES length support.


As far as configuration is concerned, there are very small changes
required in "eap.conf" and "users" files to make it working and those
changes are as follows


1. eap.conf

a) Remove the default eap type from md5 in EAP configuration

b) Add the EAP types of sim and aka along with md5


2. Users

    Add the user domain along with EAP types and their respective
parameters for validation.


I have created a patch (freeradius-1.1.4_eap_aka_support_conf.diff) for
the configuration changes. Please find attached
freeradius-1.1.4_eap_aka_support_conf.diff patch file in the attached
rar file for the reference.



Feel free to revert, in case there are some clarifications required.




Warm regards.

Sunil Kumar



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