EAP-AKA support for Freeradius-1.1.4

Narayanan Preethi-A12713 Preethi.Narayanan at motorola.com
Tue May 12 17:03:27 CEST 2009

Just to let you know that I could not apply this patch as it is to 2.1.3
(the version I was running on my machine), but could merge the changes
to version 2.1.3 and got it compiled and even working. So, I have the
changes merged to 2.1.3 now.


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Kumar, Sunil wrote:
> Finally, I have created a patch for FreeRadius to support EAP-AKA
> implementation. Please find the attached patch
> (freeradius-1.1.4_eap_aka_support.diff) in the rar file for
> freeradius-1.1.4 version release. I hope with small effort that can
> be applied on the latest version releases as well.

  I've taken a quick look.  The effort involved isn't complex, but it
isn't trivial.

  The easiest way to get the patch in is to ensure it applies to 2.1.x.
 See git.freeradius.org, and github for instructions on forking the
freeradius-server repository.

 I would suggest trying to checkout release_1_1_4 via git, creating a
branch, and pplying the AKA patch.  Then, merge the changes up to a more
recent version of the server.

> 1. eap.conf
> a) Remove the default eap type from md5 in EAP configuration

  That is unnecessary.

> b) Add the EAP types of sim and aka along with md5

  That's fine.

> Feel free to revert, in case there are some clarifications required.

  1.1.4 is *years* out of date.  No patches or changes will be done to
it every again..

  Alan DeKok.
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