PATCH: allow detail listeners to write to other files

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Nov 22 09:24:10 CET 2009

John Morrissey wrote:
>>> The attached patch fixes that. It also centralizes the listen_detail_t
>>> definition, removing the 'stub' definition in src/main/event.c.
>> I've updated this patch to apply after
>> aafb547572e28f14cbe27d84f2346b93a07265f5.
> Any word on this, Alan?

  Could you put the patch into your git repository?

  Ideally, also please put *all* of your patches into a branch.  Using
the "master" branch for your local patches makes integration difficult.

  If you put all of your patches into a private branch, you can easily
keep up to date via:

$ git checkout -b jwm
$ git fetch freeradius master:master
$ git merge master

  The branch will contain *only* the local patches.  This makes it
easier to do inter-branch diffs, etc.

  Alan DeKok.

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