EAP proxing with client-balance

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Oct 7 20:23:15 CEST 2009


> I used 'keyed-balance' as 'client-balance'/'client-port-balance' load 
> balance terribly when your NAS's use the same source port and most of 
> our traffic comes from the same IP (the single infernal WLC 4400 we 
> have).

yep - especially when a certain vendor is always using the same port :-(

> moved to 'fail-over' and everything started working.  Alas I cannot 
> leave it on 'fail-over' otherwise Alan Buxey gets grumbly.

;-) a name check will always get my attention... okay..not quite 'grumbly'
but if everyone used such a a method then we'd have to look at loads from
each end site and email them about what order they should do their 
National Proxies in... at least with some reasonable client balance
thet architecture might get used fairly and evenly. heck...maybe someday
Status-Server will find its way a little more fully into the system
and then if NRPS get busy they can just dynamically tell clients
tthat they arent well and bother another box :-)

> 'currently_outstanding' or 'fr_rand()' when there is EAP traffic; I 
> decided to add the clause !HOME_POOL_LOAD_BALANCE; things now work.

ouch. that should already be inherent within the EAP balance?

> What do you think of the following patch, I think there is sound 
> reasoning behind it, however of course I am just a network monkey?

doesnt this patch just make the 'balance' system become exactly
the same as the fail-over system? ie, find a live one and stick with it
for all times...


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