2.1.8 and 2.2.0

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Oct 23 15:31:16 CEST 2009

Joe Maimon wrote:
> Especially with this project. Its amazingly stable considering how
> complex it has gotten and the features that keep getting shoved in. Alan
> loves rewriting code he doesnt like, and he seems to dislike lots of it
> over time.

  :)  Added complexity means that old assumptions are no longer true,
and need to be re-visited.

> Any critical production system wishing to upgrade should retain the
> services of a competent freeradius engineer to ensure it all goes
> smoothly, not like it cant without it, but some of us could use the income.

  As of earlier this year, my *sole* income is FreeRADIUS.  That's nice,
but it's taken 10 years...

> In a sense, that is what distributions are supposed to be doing, so
> retiring old trains but keeping them alive for critical fixes is a very
> nice and responsible thing to be doing to help them out.
> If a bit tedious and annoying as well.

  Git makes it a *lot* easier.  5 minutes of reviewing patches, and I
have a version that is 2.1.7 + fixes, *without* any of the TCP or other

  Very nice.

> I do think some of the oldest trains could stop running already.

  Oh, yes.  Everyone running 1.0 should upgrade.

> Thank you Alan for all your hard work, both here on the lists and on the
> project itself.

  I'm incentivized now to do *more*.

  I've been meaning to do more on the DHCP side, and it looks like I
might have the opportunity...

  Alan DeKok.

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