segv when specifying src_ipaddr in proxy.conf

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Wed Sep 23 14:48:22 CEST 2009

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Joe Maimon wrote:

>   Hmm... you're using the git "master" branch.  Don't do that.  Use
> "stable".  2.1.x comes from the "stable" branch.
>   The "master" branch has a number of other changes made, such as moving
> the listeners to modules.  I'm not even sure that it compiles after
> applying the latest TCP patches.

I dont mind, I am kinda used to snapshotting HEAD.

Anyways, here is the problem, RAD_LISTEN_PROXY is not (char*)"proxy"

Not quite sure the right way to get that value in there.


         if (!old) {
                  *      The socket MUST already exist if we're binding
                  *      to an address while proxying.
                  *      If we're initializing the server, it's OK for the
                  *      socket to NOT exist.
                 if (!exists) return NULL;

                 this = listen_alloc(RAD_LISTEN_PROXY);

                 sock = this->data;
                 sock->ipaddr = *ipaddr;

         } else {

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