FreeRADIUS 2.1.8 fails to build when configured --without-pthreads

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Wed Apr 21 00:12:48 CEST 2010

On 04/20/2010 05:47 PM, Scott Neugroschl wrote:
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>> Scott Neugroschl wrote:
>>> diff -C 1 -c listings:
>>    Please also see doc/DIFFS.
> Sorry.
> My system doesn't have "diff -u", it's not a GNU-based system.  Suggestions?

man diff

And find out which arg produces a a "unified diff".

Unified diff should be available because it's been in use for two 
decades and is the preferred format.

If your diff program can't produce the unified format then the "context" 
format you supplied should be acceptable because every patch 
implementation I'm aware of accepts the older context format. Also you 
should supply (at least) 3 lines of context.

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