Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Tue Dec 14 10:07:15 CET 2010

Alexander Clouter wrote:
> Until I forced _GNU_SOURCE into CFLAGS I was seeing 
> '${ac_cv_type_struct_in6_pktinfo_has_ipi6_addr=}', note the lack of a 
> 'yes' on the end there, which would explain why things were not 
> behaving.

  OK.  That should be easy to fix.

> Once this was enabled, I noticed that someone thinks IPv6 addresses are 
> integers, so I have provided a patch to fix that.

  I'm not sure what that means...

    struct foo *a,*b;
    *a = *b;

  Is valid C code.  It mean "copy the entire structure".

>  I noticed someone has 
> disabled udpfromto.c being used for IPv6 sockets altogether...this is 
> also fixed in the patch :)

  It didn't seem to work.

> I would provide a patch for the autoconf bit but I have no idea how to 
> persuade autoconf to do what I want...from what I have heard I do not 
> want to either :)

  That's easy enough to do once you've accepted some autoconf-induced
brain damage.

  Alan DeKok.

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