Gabriel Blanchard gabe at teksavvy.ca
Thu Dec 16 17:45:43 CET 2010

On 2010-12-09, at 6:08 AM, Alan DeKok wrote:

>> I can implement it and submit a patch...just thought I'd email the list
>> first to make sure I'm not doing anything stupid.
>  I'd prefer to get rid of old files.  Databases are simple to use, and
> should be preferred over files that grow forever.

Well, I just implemented that, I soon found out that radwho gets unbelievably slow since it never deletes any historical data.

The module makes use of the rlm_sql module so any database is supported. It's pretty much a copy of the rlm_sqlippool code with modifications.
I've only tested it with mysql and appears to be stable so far and running in production...I'll send a patch a little later.


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