Performance issue with Freeradius (2.1.7) running Veriwave

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Dec 17 12:00:19 CET 2010

Verma Anurag-VNF673 wrote:
> The test runs for 30 sec. The auth rate was 9 auth/sec.  The same test
> when ran against Microsoft AAA server gives 25 auth/sec.

  On the same machine?  Or on completely different hardware?

> With Freeradius, out of 450 attempted authentications, 209 was
> successful and 241 was failed.

  Do you know *why* they failed?  That question might be interesting to

> For single client the authentication time
> is around 110 ms.  Is this the expected number?

  Since you haven't said *anything* about your system, I have no idea.

> From the mailing list,
> it seems 150 msec is what has been observed. The RSA key generation on
> the server is offloaded to the hardware. Without it the auth rate was
> only 3 auth/sec.

  Well... your CPU is really not powerful enough to do RSA.  Don't blame

> I have tried various suggestion put forward in the mailing list
> including radius file access during authentication by moving file
> section from authorize section to authenticate section etc., but not
> much improvement.

  RSA calculations are CPU bound.  No amount of playing games with file
access will increase the CPU power of the machine.

> I also see something similar query raised, but did not find any
> satisfactory reply.

  Use a faster CPU.

  Alan DeKok.

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