Multiple Radius clients from the same host IP supported?

Murat Öztürk murat.ozturk at
Fri Dec 24 12:17:48 CET 2010

Thanks Alan,
Our requirement is mainly "radius client need to send more than 256 IDs
concurrently from single IP, different ports." If we develop such
application, will freeradius support that.

As you've suggested, I've read RFC-2865 and found the following statements :

"If the NAS is retransmitting a RADIUS request to the same server as before,
and the attributes haven't changed, you MUST use the same Request
Authenticator, ID, and source port.

A NAS MAY use the same ID across all servers, or MAY keep track of IDs
separately for each server, it is up to the implementer. If a NAS needs more
than 256 IDs for outstanding requests, it MAY use additional source ports to
send requests from, and keep track of IDs for each source port. This allows
up to 16 million or so outstanding  requests at one time to a single
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Murat Öztürk wrote:
> Can multiple radius clients on the same server send request to
> Freeradius? I ask this question because they may be producing the same
> /UniqueId/ in the packages.

  The RADIUS clients are determined by source IP address.

  I have no idea what a "UniqueId" is.

> I believe that, if freeradius use check ip+unique id combination to
> identify packages from specific BRAS, it will cause problem. Othwise,
> there should not be any issue.

  Please read the RADIUS specifications which describe how RADIUS works.

  Alan DeKok.
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