freeradius-client rc_avpair_log() function

Alex Massover alex at
Mon Feb 1 11:25:34 CET 2010


AFAIU, rc_avpair_log() function in freeradius-client is not thread-safe, it uses a shared buffer (rh->ppbuf).

So one can't have shared rc_handle if calling to rc_avpair_log() from different threads.

Please tell me if that's correct and I'll make a simple patch changing:

rc_avpair_log(rc_handle *rh, VALUE_PAIR *pair)
rc_avpair_log(rc_handle *rh, VALUE_PAIR *pair, char *buf, size_t l)

This way a caller will provide a non-shared buffer.

Best Regards,
Alex Massover
Jajah Inc.

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