freeradius-client sequence file replacement

Alex Massover alex at
Mon Feb 1 12:18:20 CET 2010


What is supposed to happen if there's no free id available?

>  2) replace the rc_get_seqnbr() with a function that tracks 256
>     allocated IDs, and allocates a free one.  Also update
>     rc_check_reply() to mark the "id" as free.
>   This will be *enormously* faster than using a file or shared memory.
>   The array of 256 Ids needs to be unique per source port.  But it can
> be shared across child threads.  It does NOT need to be shared across
> multiple processes.
>   The main server code does it a little differently.  See
> src/lib/packet.c for a number of functions that track/allocate/free
> packet Ids.
>   Alan DeKok.
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