freeradius-client sequence file replacement

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Mon Feb 1 12:59:38 CET 2010


That requires a redesign of the way freeradius-client works, because currently it opens new socket for every request.

What do you think about continuing in two steps, short term and long term?

Now seq file really limits performance, so for short term I can just drop rc_get_seqnbr() in favor of random number (random code already exists there). Anyway it doesn't matter what id will be there because new socket will be used.

For a long term maybe it worth implementing what you described below, or maybe it's good enough to stay with new socket?

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> Alex Massover wrote:
> > What is supposed to happen if there's no free id available?
>   The client opens a new source port, and has 256 free Id's.
>   Also, the Ids should be tracked by code, too.  If there's an
> Access-Request with Id 1, then there can *also* be an Accounting-
> Request
> with Id 1.
>   i.e. each source port can have 256 IDs for Access-Request, and
> another
> (independent) 256 IDs for Accounting-Request.
>   Alan DeKok.
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