FreeRadius 2.1.8 at OpenBSD 4.0

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Feb 3 08:09:54 CET 2010

Denis DAmico wrote:

  Could you explain why you CC me on a message to the list?  Do you
think I don't read the list?

  It's annoying.  Don't do it.

> Hi Alan,
>     I could correct the previous error editing the autoconf.h lines:
>     Now I am receiving the error:
> /var/freeradius-server-2.1.8/src/lib/.libs/
> undefined reference to `___tls_get_addr'
> ( full make output at attached file )
>     Could you help me ?

  I don't use OpenBSD.  Use an OS that works.

  Alan DeKok.

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