question about 1.1.6 client code: rc_config_init()

Adam Lewis VNQM87 at
Tue Feb 16 12:59:32 CET 2010

 I'm currently trying to use the 1.1.6 client code to create an embedded
client. Doing a code inspection of rc_config_init() in lib\config.c , the
following code looks suspicious:
	SERVER *authservers;
	SERVER *acctservers;
        authservers = rc_conf_srv(rh, "authserver"); 
	acctservers = rc_conf_srv(rh, "acctserver");
	authservers = malloc(sizeof(SERVER));
	acctservers = malloc(sizeof(SERVER));

I think it's trying to malloc space for server options in rh but this
doesn't happen. The net result is that any subsequent configuration of
authservers and acctservers in this function will be lost as soon as the
function is exited. Likewise the mallocs can never be freed up. Have I
understood this correctly? Not sure how fixes get put back into the code for
the next release. If someone can let me know if there is a formal procedure,
that would be great.


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