..::Juniper Accounting issue::..

Alfonso Alejandro Reyes Jimenez conesh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 20:22:03 CET 2010

Hi Everyone.

I'm writing to this list because I'm having issues with the accounting
part on the radius server.

The main idea is to log every command that we apply to the firewall.

Right now we can log in to the device with different profiles but we are
not logging the authentication time or the disconnection time.

if we use the radius client (ntradping) we log everything.

We have all the configuration setup on the firewall side but we are not
sure if we are setting up everything on the radius.

We are using the following values for the user:

steve   Cleartext-Password := "testing"
        NS-Admin-Privilege = 2,
        NAS-IP-Address =,
        NAS-Identifier = "Juniper"

Are we missing something?

Is it possible to log every command that we apply to the firewall? 

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for everything.



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