Patch: avpair.c - empty reply VALUE_PAIR (0x0) for replies with unknown vendor attributes

Adam Lewis VNQM87 at
Tue Jun 15 10:12:06 CEST 2010

I also seem to be having a problem with attributes that should be ignored but
otherwise have no effect on the other attributes in a reply.

If an attribute from an unknown vendor happens to be the very last attribute
in the list, rc_avpair_gen() ignores it by returning pair immediately. The
only problem being pair is still set to the entry value of NULL and this
ripples up through all the recursive calls, which means all the other
attributes get ignored as well. Has anybody else seen this?


Stefan Karss wrote:
> Hello again,
> when the RADIUS servers sends a reply packet with an attribute for an
> unknown vendor freeradius-client just skips over this when filling
> response
> VALUE_PAIR list. Unfortunately it doesn't for unknown attributes from
> known
> vendors - in that case rc_avpair_gen returns NULL in the first recursion
> which results in a NULL pointer for reply VALUE_PAIR.
> The attached patch just skips over unknown attributes for known vendors
> just
> like the lib skips over attributes from unknown vendors.
> Rgds,
> Stefan
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