radiusd died with an ASSERT in thread.c

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Wed Mar 17 12:21:15 CET 2010

Hermann Lauer wrote:
> after running for a month or so one of my freeradius (2.1.8 with my latest
> vmps patch on debian lenny sparc) server died with an ASSERT in threads.c
> after logging a bunch of the appended messages.

  That's not good.

> Is this somehow known or should I provide the complete config or something
> else ? For the moment I reduced the load of vqp queries to this server.

  Hmm... if this is for VQP, it may be good to have a VQP test client.

> Feb  3 17:33:40 femto freeradius[13978]: Discarding duplicate request
> from client sp4 port 52864 - ID: 26294 due to unfinished request 13809

  This means that the server is blocked.  Fixing that will make the
problem less likely to occur.

> Feb  3 17:35:28 femto freeradius[13978]: ASSERT FAILED threads.c[406]: (*request)->magic == REQUEST_MAGIC

  This means that the request was free'd while it was sitting in the
queue.  That isn't supposed to happen.

  Alan DeKok.

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