freeradius-client "radius_timeout" and freeradius-client vs freeradius-server

Stefan Karss stefan.karss at
Tue Mar 23 13:33:44 CET 2010

Hello list,

during development of a radius test client using freeradius-client library I
stumbled across line 317 in sendserver.c from CVS HEAD:

                        result = poll(&pfd, 1, timeout * 1000000);

This line came with revision 1.26 where select() was rewritten with poll().
The timeout value for poll however is in milliseconds not in microseconds so
that timeout will be 1000 times higher than configured in the

As the bug seems to be in the code since November 2008 I wonder if
freeradius-client is the right way to go for a radius client or if one
should use the freeradius-server libraries to build a client? Or is the
right way to go the 1.1.6 release downloadable on the homepage -
unfortunately this release does not have the patches from Alex Massover
regarding seqfile and thread safety.

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