retry mechanism for radius client 1.1.6

Lewis Adam-VNQM87 VNQM87 at
Tue May 18 21:10:37 CEST 2010

Looking at the retry handling in rc_send_server() in sendserver.c, it
appears that "retries" actually means "tries".
Lines 325 to 330: 

   * Timed out waiting for response.  Retry "retry_max" times
   * before giving up.  If retry_max = 0, don't retry at all.
  if (++retries >= retry_max)
    return TIMEOUT_RC;
After the first time out, retries is pre-incremented to 1 thus being
greater than or equal to 0 or 1 (so setting retry_max to 0 or 1 has the
same effect).
I think the fix is simply to change the line to:
  if (retries++ >= retry_max)

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