Module-Failure-Message creation in rlm_mschap

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Nov 8 19:04:38 CET 2010

Garber, Neal wrote:
> Hi Alan - I know you've been busy (and out of town),

  You have no idea.

> so I understand if you haven't had time to think about this.  But, just in case you forgot, I thought I would "ping" you about it.  Are you ok with saving the Module-Failure-Message Request attr. with the saved Reply attributes and then moving it back to the Request list at time of restore?  Would you prefer to have it stored separately from the Reply attributes?  I'd like to code the patch in a way that aligns with your preference to increase the chances of acceptance.

  Sure... copy it from the tunnel to the reply, and then move it back.
It's a hack, but a useful one.

  Alan DeKok.

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