Possible patch for memory leak in rlm_wimax

James Ballantine james.ballantine at vividwireless.com.au
Tue Nov 9 07:03:04 CET 2010

Hi again,

We are seeing what I think may be a memory leak inside the rlm_wimax
module: Several HMAC_CTX structures are initialised with
HMAC_CTX_init(), but only the last one seems to be cleaned up with

I've attached a patch which removes the memory leak according to my
tests. However, I don't know if my change is correct - whether a single
HMAC_CTX should be re-used (as I've done in this patch), or whether a
new one should be created and cleaned up for each use. I would
appreciate it if someone with more familiarity than me could review this

Thanks very much,
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