EAP/TLS OCSP Extention

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Nov 19 17:23:26 CET 2010

Alex Bergmann wrote:
> Back in 2004 I've finished my diploma thesis covering OCSP integration
> in the EAP/TLS module of freeRADIUS. Unfortunately I never posted the
> patch. To get this burden off me, I've dug through the code again, did
> some final adjustment and just finished the patch for the v2.1.x branch.

  This is very useful!

> I've added a new subsection inside the eap/tls configuration that makes
> it able to set the following settings. (A detailed description can be
> found in the patch.)

  I'll take a look, and make sure it goes in for 2.1.11.

> I'm aware that the EAP/TLS module was extended with a verify section
> that states OCSP explicitly. Nevertheless I would like to see this
> functionality implemented directly into the rlm_eap_tls module.

  Yes, this is a good option to have.

  Alan DeKok.

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