RES: Accounting inquiry

Toledo, Luis Carlos lscrlstld at
Fri Nov 26 16:15:53 CET 2010


you have a conceptual design problem of in your project...

Usually the NAS receives the network parameters in auth reply packet, and
allow or disallow access, bandwidth, session time, etc.

Acct packet only store the usage data.

Your appliance must acct as NAS.

> I need to forward the accounting data including the LDAP-Group to a
> traffic shaper appliance installed before our internet gateway.
> From the accounting data, This appliance will allow a quota internet
> usage for each user according to its LDAP-Group category (student,
> faculty, admin, par timer, assistant,.....)d
> Nabawia
>> I want a help how to insert this in the accounting packet.
>> The problem is not how to configure the LDAP lookup, but how to enables
>> field in the accounting request.
>what is the purpose of that? What you want or need?

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