ip assigning module

Konstantin Chekushin koch2 at inbox.lv
Wed Oct 6 08:54:16 CEST 2010

 Good afternoon.
  We have developed a new module assigning IP-addresses for our users.
 It uses a mysql database as IP source. We cannot use default
 rlm_sqlippool module, because of some additional logic. Major
 differences between our module and rlm_sqlippool are:
  * available IP address space is divided into IP ranges
  * each user belongs to some group (data plan)
  * on incoming radius auth packet the module searches data plan (by
  * the module takes some IP from IP range attached to this data plan.
 More detailed flow diagram is attached.
  We are ready to adopt this module to your requirements and support
 it in a future. Is it possible to add it to freeradius project?
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