src_ipaddr with proxies

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Sep 10 14:13:43 CEST 2010

Alexander Clouter wrote:
> Found a bug in 2.1.9 (is is the Debian squeeze release), probably due to 
> my mis-use of src_ipaddr in the home_server stanza.
> My proxy definition looks like:

  Do you have *more* of a configuration?  That one doesn't work as-is,
and if I replace ${local...} with a real IP, the server starts up fine.

> #0  0x0000e614 in fr_ipaddr_cmp () at misc.c:543

  Well... that shouldn't hang.  Maybe what's happening is that the
binary tree is being modified while it's being iterated over.

> If I remove the 'src_ipaddr' entries from my templates then things run 
> as normal; however as my RADIUS server has ten IP addresses, without 
> this it is completely un-usabled.


> If I move the 'src_ipaddr' entry explicitly into my 'home_server' 
> stanza, then I get an assert():

  That can be fixed.  See the attached patch (event.c).  If it works, it
should go into 2.1.10.

> Further investigation shows that if I have more than one 'src_ipaddr' 
> entry present, I get no assert() and things spin again.

  More that one src_ipaddr... where?  At all?  Or more than one in the
same home_server section?

  See also the realms.c patch.  That may address the spinning issue.

  I'd like to release 2.1.10 ASAP, so if this could get tested soon...

  Alan DeKok.
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