src_ipaddr with proxies

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Sep 10 16:48:02 CEST 2010

Alexander Clouter wrote:
> Well yes, I do thank you very much. </don't-you-talk-to-me-like-that>

  It's been a bad week.  You have *no* idea.

> Guess it was my fault not posting the entire tarball of /etc/freeradius 
> here blatted onto the mailing list...sorry.



  I'll try to take a look over the next bit.

>>  That can be fixed.  See the attached patch (event.c).  If it works, it
>> should go into 2.1.10.
> Well the assert() issue is no more, so now we are just down to the 
> spinning when you have more than one src_ipaddr...

  OK.  I've committed the event.c patch.

> 'At all', as yeah of cause multiple 'src_ipaddr' makes perfect sense 
> within the same home_server stanza... *sigh* Thanks for your vote of 
> confidence, if you had spent a minute looking at my original email you 
> would have seen when you unroll the templating you get a *single* 
> src_ipaddr key/value pair in each home_server.

  Yes... well...

> The spinning occurs when you have more than one src_ipaddr present 
> across all your home_server definitions, regardless if they are for 
> different address families.  So even if for the first home_server you 
> have v6 and the second home_server you have v4 spins.  
> Same happens for v6-v6 and v4-v4 combinations, and of course v6-v6-v4, 
> v4-v4-v6, etc etc ad nausem.

  Well, I've tried it with v4 && v6 home servers.  No hang was seen.

> Where's that patch?  I cannot see anything in the git log for any branch 
> so I'm guessing it's elsewhere (missing attachment?).

  Attached now.

  Alan DeKok.
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